Mark Moser - digital handyman

I’m a ruby developer exploring and learning everything I can about being a better developer. This place is where I share my findings, explorations, and other creative outlets.

I’m also fond of working in video post production: editing, compositing, and motion graphics. I can either be your “one man band” for those smaller productions, put together a killer team when you need even greater production value, or be the go-to post production guy you call to join your existing team. I have experience shooting interviews and putting together short informational videos. I am very comfortable in the whole Adobe Production Suite of tools.

I have a high value for quality craftsmanship. I want to do great work, with people who also do great work. I love to explore and learn about my world. I enjoy being challenged. I take pleasure in providing creative solutions to specific needs, always keeping the bigger picture in mind. I was raised to work hard and play hard.